Destinations Are the Top Factor for Turning Business Trips into Bleisure Ones

Did you know that 43 percent of business trips turn into leisure and business trips (what we call bleisure)? Now consider that 66 percent of bleisure travelers spend more money on leisure activities because of the money they saved on travel. Translation? Bleisurers are ready and willing to spend their money. With that, marketers are in a great position to see their incremental revenue rise by tapping into this segment of travelers. So, to help you reach this audience, we’re explaining how one critical aspect of travel attracts them—destinations.

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How Two Airlines Used Audience Targeting to Reach More Customers Across the Web

Those who can skillfully harness the power of the data revolution wave sweeping through the digital world, are set to enjoy tremendous success. One clever way to ride the wave is to use data to help effectively reach the right audience. In competitive sectors like the airline industry, audience targeting can be used as an integral data tool for propelling a brand ahead of  their competition. By tapping into effective audience targeting to shift competitive share and reach their goals, two airline brands, Korean Air and Hainan Airlines, have done just that.

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   Erica Eyring, Director, NA Posted on 1/3/18 8:57 AM



Topics: Success Stories, Airlines

Three Ways Digital is Influencing Traveler Buying Behavior

Regardless of current events, world politics or global issues, people continue to travel. They still want to explore new places, visit friends and family near and far, and immerse themselves in other cultures around the world—and we don’t expect this slow down anytime soon.

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   Expedia Media Solutions Posted on 12/27/17 6:35 AM



Topics: Consumer Research

The Holidays Are about Many Things, for Us, They're about Connection

“Connect With Travelers Across Their Journey.” This message on our site encapsulates what we in the travel and digital media industry are all on together—a journey. Like all journeys, it is always in flux, breathing, growing, creating. As I reflected on this dynamism, I remembered its most integral part: our partners.

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   Hari Nair Posted on 12/21/17 9:09 AM



Topics: Audience

How to Inspire and Convert: Digital Advertising Tools for Travel Marketers

Travel shoppers have seemingly endless options for researching and purchasing online travel. Our custom research on the Traveler’s Path to Purchase tells us that American consumers make up to 141 travel site visits in the 45 days leading up to an online travel purchase. This means there are many opportunities for a travel marketer to reach the consumer throughout their purchase path. 

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   Lisa Lindberg, Vice President of Product Management Posted on 12/14/17 9:45 AM



Topics: Best Practices

The Travelocity Gnome Inspires Portland Travel Through Social Media

As the wisest traveler of them all, I’ve picked up quite a few skills on my adventures — including how to tell an incredible story. There’s a lot you can see from a Gnome’s-eye-view, and it’s this perspective that keeps my fans captivated with each and every journey.

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   Roaming Gnome Posted on 12/13/17 8:48 AM



Topics: Destination Marketing, Social

2017 North America and Latin America Partner Awards Announced at the Annual Expedia Partner Conference

This week at the Expedia Partner Conference, we had the pleasure of presenting our annual partner awards to campaigns launched in North America, Latin American, Caribbean and South America that demonstrate innovation, creativity and achievement in travel marketing. The winning campaigns include:

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What you Missed From our Insights Summit at the Annual Expedia Partner Conference

Expedia Media Solutions, along with other groups from Expedia, Inc., descended on Las Vegas this week for the annual Expedia Partner Conference. We had the opportunity to host an Insights Summit for the seventh year in a row, for over 600 of our global partners. During our time together, we shared our latest custom study findings and a look at how our first-party proprietary data and digital media tools enable marketing partners to engage travelers throughout the path to purchase. We also heard from several of our marketing partners sharing their own success stories and how Expedia Media Solutions helped them reach their marketing objectives whether it was expanding their brand presence in a new region, driving bookings during slower seasons or showcasing a destination in a new way through hotel partnership. We also hosted a panel of our top Expedia, Inc. brand marketing leaders to tap into their expertise on reaching and resonating with today’s consumers, and what is next for digital marketing.

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Sixt, A Global Car Rental Company, Taps Into The Growing American Car Rental Market

The U.S. car rental market is anticipated to hit $20.1 billion this year, with 95 percent of that anticipated revenue split amongst only nine brands according to Phocuswright. The projected industry growth only increases the potential for car rental companies to tap into this business. Likewise, with such a consolidated industry, anyone willing to innovate has an opportunity to reach, influence, and convert American car rental shoppers.

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   Derek Price, Director, North America Posted on 11/28/17 9:02 AM



Topics: Success Stories

Four Things to Consider When Using Emerging Technologies in Your Marketing Strategy

Expedia is a data-driven technology culture, so at our core is the scientific method of test and learn. We are constantly asking ourselves how we can make shopping for and booking travel easier, and how to help marketing partners bring the right message to the right customer at the right time. These questions are also at the core of our Innovation Lab at Expedia, where they test new technologies like eye tracking and electromyography (EMG) technology to uncover how travelers engage with our sites and content throughout the purchase journey.

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