Talking Strategy and Travel Trends at HSMAI’s Annual Events

This past week our team gathered in New York City to participate in the HSMAI events taking place, including the Chief Marketing Officer Executive Roundtable and the Digital Marketing Strategy Conference. This is a conference we look forward to every year, and a chance for us to not only share our latest insights, but also connect with industry leaders and masterminds on the latest trends in travel and hospitality.

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   Jennifer McCarthy, Director of Industry Relations Posted on 2/23/18 10:58 AM



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From Gen Z to Boomers: Key Insights to Help You Connect with British Travelers

British travel, both domestic and international, increased in 2017 and is projected to keep increasing for 2018, according to a new report in ABTA. This is great news for marketers as this growth presents an opportunity for you to reach a larger audience. With that, we’re giving you insights into British generations to help you connect more deeply with the British traveler.

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   Andrew van der Feltz, Senior Director, EMEA & APAC Posted on 2/16/18 5:03 AM



Topics: Consumer Research, EMEA

San Diego Tourism Authority is Out to Prove that Vacationing is “Better By The Beach”

While many destinations around the world can offer visitors restaurants, shopping, nightlife and more, the San Diego Tourism Authority would argue that all of those things are better to experience by the beach. And, they would know. San Diego is known for its beautiful coastline, its sandy beaches and its amazing weather.

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   Erica Eyring, Director, NA Posted on 2/13/18 8:15 AM



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Visit Finland Uses Data to Increase Popularity of their Stopover Offering

As global travel continues to flourish, airlines are smartly offering free stopovers to ambitious travelers and turning midway hubs into destinations themselves. Visit Finland, the destination marketing organization representing the country, teamed up with us to launch a digital marketing campaign. As part of the StopOver Finland project, the campaign capitalized on a flight stopover component with Finnair, tapping into Finland’s location at the crossroads of Asia and Europe to attract visitors to Finland.

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We’re Helping Change the Stigma of Vacation Planning with Project: Time Off

Every year Americans collectively leave 662 million days of vacation on the table. That is according to Project: Time Off, which is an initiative by the U.S. Travel Association to raise awareness of all the vacations days that go unused. The national movement encourages Americans to take time off, showing the value vacation has in strengthening personal relationships, inspiring creative thinking, improving professional performance, promoting better health – and traveling, if you ask us.

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Insights that will Shape your 2018 Marketing Campaigns

We’re already a few weeks into the new year, and uncovering the next trends in travel – cue the buzzwords. While these trends change with the season, what’s certain is the substantial research that has uncovered where we are heading in the travel space. In 2017, we looked deeply into traveler trends and behaviors and uncovered some interesting information that shed light into what we can expect for the coming year as marketers in this space.

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Open for Business: The Puerto Rico Tourism Company Leverages Travelocity to Reinvigorate Travel Following Hurricane Maria

While Puerto Rico is continuing to recover from Hurricane Maria, most of the sights and attractions of the island are ready for visitors to experience. Alongside Travelocity, we teamed up with the Puerto Rico Tourism Company to help spread the word that Puerto Rico is ready to welcome travelers, and visitors can enjoy the beauty and history of the island, while also playing a part in strengthening the island’s economy and contributing to recovery efforts. 

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Destinations Are the Top Factor for Turning Business Trips into Bleisure Ones

Did you know that 43 percent of business trips turn into leisure and business trips (what we call bleisure)? Now consider that 66 percent of bleisure travelers spend more money on leisure activities because of the money they saved on travel. Translation? Bleisurers are ready and willing to spend their money. With that, marketers are in a great position to see their incremental revenue rise by tapping into this segment of travelers. So, to help you reach this audience, we’re explaining how one critical aspect of travel attracts them—destinations.

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How Two Airlines Used Audience Targeting to Reach More Customers Across the Web

Those who can skillfully harness the power of the data revolution wave sweeping through the digital world, are set to enjoy tremendous success. One clever way to ride the wave is to use data to help effectively reach the right audience. In competitive sectors like the airline industry, audience targeting can be used as an integral data tool for propelling a brand ahead of  their competition. By tapping into effective audience targeting to shift competitive share and reach their goals, two airline brands, Korean Air and Hainan Airlines, have done just that.

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   Erica Eyring, Director, NA Posted on 1/3/18 8:57 AM



Topics: Success Stories, Airlines

Three Ways Digital is Influencing Traveler Buying Behavior

Regardless of current events, world politics or global issues, people continue to travel. They still want to explore new places, visit friends and family near and far, and immerse themselves in other cultures around the world—and we don’t expect this slow down anytime soon.

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   Expedia Media Solutions Posted on 12/27/17 6:35 AM



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