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Picture of Andy Mann, Senior Director, Business Development, Expedia Group Media Solutions
Andy Mann
Senior Director, Business Development, Expedia Group Media Solutions
Andy Mann is a senior director of business development for Expedia Group Media Solutions’ growing sponsored listing business. His team works closely with global and regional hotel chains, management companies, agencies and local independent properties. Before joining Expedia, Andy was VP of Sales for Lanyon, leading the sales effort for their SMB product offering. Prior to that, he was Senior Director of Sales for LivingSocial Escapes, responsible for leading the North America travel sales team. He started his career as a business owner and consultant in the CPG industry, before embarking on a corporate career with IBM. Andy is a graduate of the University of North Texas and lives in the Dallas area with his family.

Hotels know the ebb and flow of seasonality all too well. From the tropical getaway whose bookings dip during their cooler months, to ski resorts whose room nights spike when the snow falls, shifts in the influx of travelers are inevitable. Yet, regardless of whether bookings are at their annual ...

TravelAds: Optimizing Sponsored Listings for Hotels

Hotel Marketing is complex. That’s because hoteliers have a million things to consider: who do you advertise with? What kinds of marketing products do you choose? And how do you know your chosen strategy will drive revenue? Your answers to these questions have changed in the past five years, or ...

Three Pillars of Successful Hotel Marketing Campaigns

Primus Hotel Sydney and Sydney Hotel CBD are both independent hotels that are centrally located in Sydney, Australia. Like all hotels around the world, they both have busy seasons and off-peak periods. But they attract different types of travelers and their marketing goals and booking goals ...

TravelAds Case Study: Two Hotels Drive Business Results Using TravelAds

Catching the attention of travel shoppers can be a challenge in today's increasingly saturated market. Whether it’s a prime location, stellar deal, or striking ambiance, you want your hotel's unique appeal to stand out against the competition. TravelAds is an easy-to-use yet sophisticated sponsored ...

Getting Started with Sponsored Listings for Hotels

Business at the ice cream shop across the street has been a bit slow lately. A snowy winter followed by a cold and rainy spring is not great for business. But soon enough they will have a line out the door. You can’t scoop ice cream fast enough when the sun is shining. Any hotel manager can relate: ...

How the Keio Plaza Hotel Used CPC Marketing to Achieve Their Goals

Today's travel consumers have access to seemingly unlimited resources in their path to choosing hotels. They draw inspiration from social media, from ads, from word of mouth, from search, and from online travel agencies - to name only a few. Once they have decided where they are headed, they are ...

3 Ways to Increase Hotel Revenue with TravelAds Sponsored Listings


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