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Picture of Christine Walker Scarce, Head of Product Marketing
Christine Walker Scarce
Head of Product Marketing
Christine Walker Scarce leads the product marketing team at Expedia Group Media Solutions, overseeing the go-to-market strategies for the digital advertising products and services across the Expedia Group portfolio of leading travel brands. Her team is responsible for everything from product planning and positioning to marketing strategy to deliver innovative media offerings and reporting for marketing partners. Christine previously spent seven years at as the senior manager for destination management, where she led product strategy for With more than 20 years in the marketing industry, Christine has experience in e-commerce, merchandising and technology industries, having led product strategy and development previously at and T-Mobile. She is a graduate from the University of Houston and lives in Seattle with her family.

To say data is “sort of my thing,” is an understatement. I read about it. I speak about it on stage. I even dream about it. But lately, as I’ve been reading and thinking about what other folks have to say about data, I’ve noticed that something crucial is usually missing: the people. In this age of ...

Data is Only Half the Battle

As the importance of data has increased, it’s no surprise that an impressive 81 percent of executives at Fortune 1000 companies claim using data insights and analytics have proven useful for their company, according to a recent study in the Harvard Business Review. In the global travel industry, ...

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In today’s digital age, travel consumers around the globe have a multitude of resources to access travel information and content. They are turning to online to research, consider, compare, and purchase through the click of a button. As a result, these shifting behaviors have provided numerous ...

Replay Our Webinar: Turning Insights Into Action - Using Data To Drive Results

As marketers, we know smart targeting is one the best ways to get our messages in front of the right audience. There are a multitude of online advertising opportunities and it can be challenging to navigate all the different offerings and capabilities to understand what makes sense to reach your ...

Using Data Insights and Scale to Maximize Your Campaigns with Targeting

People all around the world can now access information about places that before would have seemed unreachable, and can research, consider, compare and purchase through the click of a button. That makes travel that much easier for the consumer, but more difficult for the marketer. Our recent study, ...

How to Influence and Engage Travelers Along the Path to Purchase: The Four Things You Need to Know

It is important to influence and keep your brand top of mind when reaching consumers as they browse the web – which can be challenging, considering how much content people are consuming online these days. For instance, our recent study on the Traveler’s Path to Purchase with comScore indicates that ...

Three Ways to Leverage Expedia’s Exclusive First Party Data to Reach Shoppers Across the Web


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