Erica Eyring, Director, North America

Erica Eyring, Director, North America
Erica Eyring brings more than 15 years of online advertising industry experience to her role as a director of North America for Expedia Group Media Solutions, where she focuses on strategic digital media campaigns for travel and non-travel brands. Erica has worked with notable brands such as American Airlines, Hilton, South African Tourism Board, Starwood, Estée Lauder Companies, L'Occitane en Provence and more. Erica previously served as a senior manager on air and international development accounts at Expedia Group. She also spent nearly five years at Yahoo! Inc. where she worked on e-commerce, shopping, jewelry and beauty categories, and pioneered Flash advertising and homepage takeovers on the site. Erica currently lives in Seattle with her family.
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New eBook: Insights about American Boomer and Millennial Travelers

Posted by Erica Eyring, Director, North America on 6/7/18 5:02 AM

Did you know that 62 percent of Millennials look for travel inspiration online? Or what about the fact that Boomers rank activities they will be doing as their highest travel consideration? These are just two insights from our new eBook American Boomer Versus Millennial Travelers. In this eBook, you’ll find relevant insights and tactics to help you connect more deeply with these two generations. Below are just some of the examples of what you’ll find.

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Tags: Audience, Consumer Research

San Diego Tourism Authority is Out to Prove that Vacationing is “Better By The Beach”

Posted by Erica Eyring, Director, North America on 2/13/18 8:15 AM

While many destinations around the world can offer visitors restaurants, shopping, nightlife and more, the San Diego Tourism Authority would argue that all of those things are better to experience by the beach. And, they would know. San Diego is known for its beautiful coastline, its sandy beaches and its amazing weather.

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Tags: Success Stories, Destination Marketing

How Two Airlines Used Audience Targeting to Reach More Customers Across the Web

Posted by Erica Eyring, Director, North America on 1/3/18 8:57 AM

Those who can skillfully harness the power of the data revolution wave sweeping through the digital world, are set to enjoy tremendous success. One clever way to ride the wave is to use data to help effectively reach the right audience. In competitive sectors like the airline industry, audience targeting can be used as an integral data tool for propelling a brand ahead of  their competition. By tapping into effective audience targeting to shift competitive share and reach their goals, two airline brands, Korean Air and Hainan Airlines, have done just that.

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Tags: Success Stories, Airlines

Influencers, UGC and the Growing Importance of Video: Building Your 2018 Marketing Strategy with Takeaways from eTourism Summit

Posted by Erica Eyring, Director, North America on 10/20/17 7:52 AM

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) of all shapes and sizes gathered this week in San Francisco to learn from one another about the newest technologies and strategies for marketing their destinations. My team and I were on site this week to hear what DMOs are focusing on in 2018, and I wanted to share some of the key themes with you.

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Tags: Events, Video

Virtual Reality and the Thrill Seeker: Arizona Launches Adventure Meter

Posted by Erica Eyring, Director, North America on 1/17/17 12:37 PM

Imagine hopping on a fixed mountain bike and riding through the majestic landscapes of Sedona. While donning a virtual reality (VR) headset at the Cubs Convention Chicago, that’s exactly what people in Chicago got to experience without even leaving their state.

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Tags: Success Stories, Destination Marketing

How Expedia Joined the “Shellebration” with Lee County

Posted by Erica Eyring, Director, North America on 10/26/16 2:29 PM

What a week! Last week, I was at the eTourism Summit in San Francisco hearing best practices in tech and travel from industry experts and many of our partners. I had the opportunity to be on stage at the summit to share with attendees a couple of our successful case studies including our partnership with the Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau (VCB).

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Tags: Success Stories, Destination Marketing, Social

Not just cruising along: How Holland America boosted their business

Posted by Erica Eyring, Director, North America on 6/9/16 9:37 AM

Holland America was looking to grow business on their site as well as within our OTA portfolio. Of course we all know that creating sustainable, long-term growth doesn’t happen overnight. Just like a good cruise, it’s a journey.

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Tags: Success Stories, Social, Search, Cruise

Innovation through Partnership – China Airlines and

Posted by Erica Eyring, Director, North America on 10/29/15 9:30 AM

China’s landscape is diverse and full of world-class, “bucket list” attractions and destinations. So, what does an airline do to build brand awareness when travelers know the world-famous destinations far more than they know the carriers that will take them there? That was China Airlines’ challenge, and the solution was an innovative multi-media and cross-promotional partnership with®.

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Tags: Airline, Success Stories

British Columbia Concierge Service Campaign Customizes Holidays

Posted by Erica Eyring, Director, North America on 10/21/15 9:00 AM

How do you raise awareness of a region full of urban experiences and outdoor adventures just waiting to be discovered? Create a dynamic and interactive online campaign featuring an integrated Concierge Service microsite that gives people the opportunity to pick their ideal holiday. Our team did just that with Destination BC to help raise awareness of all British Columbia has to offer.

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Tags: Success Stories, Destination Marketing

Gnome Roams through New Orleans, Inspiring Visitors to Follow

Posted by Erica Eyring, Director, North America on 9/1/15 9:00 AM

New Orleans tourism has steadily recovered over the last decade, and to jump-start the 2015 warm weather season the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau (NOCVB)—working through Expedia Media Solutions to partner with the Travelocity integrated marketing communications team—brought the world-renowned Roaming Gnome to highlight all that the city has to offer.

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Tags: Success Stories

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