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Picture of Matt Hansen, Director of Business Development, NA
Matt Hansen
Director of Business Development, NA
Matt Hansen is a Director at Expedia Group Media Solutions, where he leads business development across a diverse territory in North America. Matt and his team work with marketers from international air, destinations, hotels, gaming and casinos, as well as agencies, to create and execute strategic media campaigns across the leading portfolio of Expedia Group brands. His team also oversees global programmatic advertising opportunities for marketing partners through Media Solutions. Matt has more than 15 years of online travel agency and digital media experience ranging from sales management to strategic partnerships. Matt is a graduate of The University of St. Francis, with a master’s in management, and earned a bachelor of science in environmental science from Illinois State University. He lives outside of Chicago and spends his free time traveling with his wife and children.

Would you take the train a few cities away to fly out of an airport with better fares and services? For today’s jet-setter, the answer is increasingly, “yes.”   It’s the age of the swing traveler – people who choose to fly through airports outside their towns or cities. Whether it’s a more ...

The Swing Traveler: Who They Are and How They Impact Airports


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