Monya Mandich, Global Senior Director, Marketing and Communications

Monya Mandich is a global senior director at Expedia Media Solutions and oversees all integrated marketing and communications activities for the brand. In her role, she is responsible for raising awareness of digital media opportunities for partners across the Expedia, Inc. suite of leading global travel brands. With nearly two decades of experience, she evangelizes a thought leadership approach both externally and internally centered on data-driven insights, which has resulted in travel and marketing industry recognition and accolades. Monya previously managed strategic partnership development, executing strategies for top-tier partnerships, maximizing traffic and revenue for She started her career in the travel space at, where she ran the B2B marketing and customer acquisition efforts for the vacation rental booking site. Monya currently sits on the advisory committee for the U.S. Travel Association’s Project: Time Off, which aims to shift thinking around the health, business and economic value of personal time off, and was recognized as one of HSMAI’s Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales and Marketing. She is a graduate of Western Washington University, and lives in the Seattle area with her family.
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Don’t Miss Our Insights Forum at the DMAI Annual Convention

We are looking forward to participating at the Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) Annual Convention, taking place July 11-14 in Montreal, Canada, as the presenters of the first ever DMAI Insights Forum. We will be sharing our latest custom research examining the behaviors of global travelers, as well as best practices for destination marketing organizations (DMOs).

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The Faces of Travel at Expedia Media Solutions: How We Support Travel & Tourism Week and Beyond

National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW), now in its 34th year, is the annual salute to travel in America spearheaded by the U.S. Travel Association (USTA). Travel is an industry that not only is an indispensable source of American jobs, but is one of the strongest, bringing in $2.3 trillion for the U.S. economy, as reported by the USTA. The U.S. travel industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, has recovered far faster than other economic sectors since 2008. Spending by travelers everywhere in the U.S., which currently totals over $947 billion annually, supports 15.3 million American jobs. That’s one in nine Americans whose employment depends upon plenty of travelers visiting and exploring the U.S. 

Many of our U.S. marketing partners share a similar goal, to reach and engage travelers and often to drive travel and tourism. By creating digital marketing campaigns for brands and destinations across our global network of Expedia Inc. brands, we reach an active network of travelers to bring this objective to reality. In celebration of NNTW, we want to share a ‘Face’ of our Expedia Media Solutions team who created an award-winning campaign with a significant partner to drive awareness and tourism in the U.S.

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How Destination Marketing Organizations Can Prepare for Crisis

While it’s impossible to predict where and when a natural disaster, virus outbreak or terrorist attack will happen, it’s not impossible to have a strategic plan in place that will empower destination marketing organizations (DMO) to mitigate the impact to local tourism during and after a crisis. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Three Key Insights into the Bleisure Traveler

As someone in the travel industry, travel is both a matter of business and an area of personal interest. For more and more professionals, regardless of what industry they work in, the same holds true.

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Innovation & Insights: Key Takeaways from Our Expedia Media Solutions Learning Lab

This week at the annual Expedia Partner Conference in Las Vegas, our Expedia Media Solutions team hosted a Learning Lab, where we shared insights about online traveler behaviors from custom studies we did with third-party research firms as well as learnings and success stories from a few of our marketing partners, including Destination BC, Visit Britain and The Cape Los Cabos and introduced the new Expedia brand campaign.

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New Report: What Influences the Bleisure Traveler

CNN defines a bleisure traveler as someone who puts the “fun” in a business trip. While we tend to agree, we wanted to dig in further to find out more about this segment of travelers who add an extra day (or more) to a business trip for leisure purposes – something many of us have likely done on many occasions. We know (firsthand even) that many business travelers turn their trips into “bleisure” trips, but why? What type of traveler is doing this, and what influences their decision to do so? 

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Using video to connect with consumers at all stages of the purchase cycle

You’ve probably heard that old adage about writing: Show, don’t tell. The same advice is just as relevant to travel brands. Why tell potential travelers about an experience when you can show them?

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   Monya Mandich, Global Senior Director, Marketing and Communications Posted on 11/10/16 8:57 AM



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Three Powerful Ways to Captivate Travelers Through Storytelling

A captivating image of a destination is bound to garner a traveler’s interest, and might even be enough to get them to book a trip. In fact, MMGY found that 37% of people make a travel decision based off of images.

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Will we see you at the DMAI Annual Convention next week?


With just a few days left until the DMAI Annual Convention, we’re putting the final preparations on our plans for next week. The world of online destination marketing is moving faster than ever and we are constantly being introduced to new technologies, new platforms and new ways to reach the elusive customer. Our Expedia Media Solutions team is here to provide peace of mind. Our digital marketing experts are up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices to help you achieve your specific marketing objectives, build brand awareness, drive measurable results, and boost revenue.

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What Influences a Flight Purchase?

It’s no surprise that there are many factors impacting a flight shopper’s decision on where to book a flight. Did they want to search on an OTA, meta search, or head directly to an airline site?

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Don’t Miss Our Insights Forum at the DMAI Annual Convention

We are looking forward to participating at the Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) Annual Convention, taking place July 11-14 in Montreal, Canada, as the presenters of the first...Read more

Wrapping Up a Great Week at U.S. Travel Association’s IPW

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