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Picture of Sarah Korach, Head of Content Marketing & Brand
Sarah Korach
Head of Content Marketing & Brand
Sarah Korach oversees global content marketing and brand strategy for Expedia Group Media Solutions, the digital advertising arm of Expedia Group. Her team is responsible for delivering insight driven content for marketers through Expedia Group Media Solutions marketing channels and paid marketing strategy. She has been a marketer for over twelve years, working in the medical consulting and agency world, having spent the last seven years at Expedia Group, focusing on travel marketing. Sarah holds a master’s degree in international marketing from the Manchester Business School and three undergraduate degrees focused in international business, marketing and finance from the University of Hawai’i, Manoa.

Two premier events happened last week in New York City, Advertising Week and Skift Global Forum, and we didn’t miss the opportunity to be a participant in both, joining in on discussions and digging into the opportunities and challenges in the digital and travel ecosystem. Advertising Week is a top ...

A Week in New York City with Two Premier Events: Advertising Week and Skift Global Forum


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