Brand USA's Interactive Video Quiz for the National Parks


Spring is here – what a great time to celebrate the great outdoors! This week we are launching a campaign with Brand USA that leverages clips of the ‘National Parks Adventure’ film in a fun online interactive quiz to inspire people to learn more and travel to our national parks and monuments to experience the wonder for themselves.

Narrated by Academy Award® winner Robert Redford, the National Parks Adventure film for IMAX® and giant screen theatres takes audiences on the ultimate off-trail adventure into the nation’s great outdoors and untamed wilderness (see the trailer here). The film is part of a larger initiative by Brand USA, the cooperative destination marketing organization of the United States of America, to encourage international travelers to visit the country.

As a longtime partner of Brand USA, we are honored to lend support and raise awareness as the first global sponsor and exclusive online travel activation partner of this film. Our new interactive video quiz campaign gives travelers a chance to explore the great outdoors and discover their perfect park before booking a trip. The campaign is running on a custom built page that links to Expedia® points of sale in Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico and the U.K.

How it works: What U.S. National Park Are You?

By featuring actual footage from the film, our “What U.S. National Park Are You?” campaign survey is not your standard quiz. Prompted with questions or thought starters such as “Weekend spontaneity to you is…” travelers are shown two different video clips and can choose the experience that they prefer. Participants can choose outdoor experiences that appeal to them based on what they see on the screen, and engage with the content to learn more about U.S. national parks and monuments, and even book travel.




Want Updates?

Once the five question quiz is completed, the ideal U.S. park is revealed and the participant is entered for a chance win a trip to that destination.

The interactive U.S. national park quiz with Brand USA will be supported by onsite media display campaigns across® in the select markets, as well as promoted on Facebook, for a month. So what national park are you?

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