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Posted by Gianluca Armando, Director, APAC on Jun 15, 2017
Gianluca Armando, Director, APAC
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Shedding light on Australians’ travel habits is the new study commissioned by Expedia, The Wotif Travel Predictions 2017  <https://info.advertising.expedia.com/hubfs/Wotif__Travel_Predictions_2017_FINAL_Research_Report_9-11-20162...-2.pdf> . What the findings show is that the average Australian prefers international travel rather than domestic, and seeks a variety of activities while vacationing. Like other travelers across the globe, Australians want to ‘experience something different.’ Marketing your brand as having diverse and unique experiences can help tap into the Australian travel market.

Nearly 60% of Australians would prefer to travel to an international destination rather than visiting a similar, domestic destination. Additionally, two thirds (67%) of Australians agree that they would prefer to travel as far afield as possible, making the international Australian traveler an attractive one to a multitude of global travel brands.

 Australian traveler insights for you:

  • Focus on the holiday season. Half (48%) of Australians will be going away at some point over the summer break. Amongst those who are going away in January, two thirds (65%) are doing so as it’s a convenient time of the year to travel. Likewise, two thirds (64%) of those traveling to spend their Christmas bonus this January choose to travel internationally. To target Australians for travel during the holidays, consider launching advertising campaigns in May and June.Australian-Travel-Blog pic 1.jpg
  • Show a breadth of activities. Australians enjoy a diversity of options when they travel. In fact, 55% of them seek a wide range of activities. Some of the activities Australians seek are: experiencing a different culture, different food and wine, and seeing a specific site. Showcasing your brand as having a wide range of experiences will help differentiate you from the crowd.Australian-Travel-Blog pic 2.jpg
  • Show the uniqueness of culture. Equally important to a range of experiences is uniqueness—especially concerning culture. Indeed, 69% of Australians travel internationally to experience a different culture. While it is great to have a diversity of experiences, don’t forget to focus on the cultural experiences your destination can offer that are unlike anywhere else.

Australian-Travel-Blog pic 3.jpg

Incorporating these key takeaways in your marketing campaigns for Australian travelers has the potential to create an effective marketing campaign influencing this audience segment and growing your international travel base. Through this approach, travel marketers can appeal to the experience-seeking, global traveling Australian audience. To learn more, download the studay at:The Wotif Travel Predictions 2017  <https://info.advertising.expedia.com/hubfs/Wotif__Travel_Predictions_2017_FINAL_Research_Report_9-11-20162...-2.pdf> .

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