How Younger Generations are Shaping the Future of Travel

Lisa Lindberg, Vice President of Product Management, Expedia Group Media Solutions
November 14, 2018

Our new data illustrates the behaviors, attitudes, and influences of younger travelers around the world, and shines a light on how Generation Z is redefining the rules of engagement for travel marketers.

Following in the footsteps on their Millennial predecessors, Gen Z are deal-driven, frequent travelers who embrace the YOLO (you only live once) mentality and have a passion for activities and bucket list experiences. While they are taking slightly fewer trips per year than Millennials (average 2.8 trips per year versus average 3 trips per year, respectively), travel is already a priority for this generation and they are even more open to being influenced by brands- take note, marketers.

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Here are some things you should know about how Gen Z are shopping for, booking, and traveling when you are looking to reach and influence this new generation of travel enthusiasts.

  • They want a good deal. Seeking the best deals and most value for their money is universal among travelers of all ages, but especially for Gen Z, who are not yet or are just starting to be financially independent – and may still be spending mom and dad’s money. Gen Z are heavily influencing family travel decisions, and in the coming years, as more Gen Z enter the workforce and increase their disposable income, their prioritization of travel and their growing budgets will unlock myriad opportunities for marketers.
  • They are more open to influence. Two-thirds of Gen Z travelers are undecided on a destination when they decide to take a trip, and their diverse trip preferences illustrate broad opportunities for marketers to entice them. Seventy-seven percent of Gen Z travelers are open to help and inspiration when planning a trip, and nearly 70 percent use their smartphone when looking for travel inspiration.
  • They are social. Eighty-four percent of Gen Z travelers said social media can be influential, particularly deals or promotions and travel pictures or videos from friends or experts. Appealing deals and images are also impactful for the more than 60 percent of Gen Z who said advertising can be influential, revealing a receptive audience for travel marketers.
  • They are going to grow the bleisure travel market. Although Millennials are currently outpacing Gen Z in business travel – 6.4 business trips per year versus 4.8 trips – both generations are capitalizing on and saving for opportunities to extend business travel for leisure, or bleisure. Sixty-six percent of Gen Z business trips were extended for leisure, and 88 percent of Gen Z travelers save for bleisure travel. Bleisure travel will likely increase as more of Gen Z enters the workforce in the coming years, illustrating a burgeoning opportunity for travel marketers.

Get the full study, “A Look Ahead: How Younger Generations are Shaping the Future of Travel," for more data and actionable insights that marketers can leverage to reach Gen Z and Millennial travelers.

Picture of Lisa Lindberg, Vice President of Product Management, Expedia Group Media Solutions
Lisa Lindberg
Vice President of Product Management, Expedia Group Media Solutions
As vice president of product management at Expedia Group Media Solutions, Lisa Lindberg is responsible for leading advertising product development and portfolio integrations across the Expedia Group suite of travel brands. In her role, Lisa oversees customer-focused product development, product analytics, new product innovations and ad platform automation. Prior to joining Expedia, Lisa served as a senior product manager for mobile apps at Best Buy, and previously held senior management positions at RealNetworks and Amazon. With over 15 years of experience in product management and 10 years in digital media, Lisa has worked with major brands including Google, Disney, P&G and American Express. In addition, she has received several prestigious industry awards, including an IAB MIXX Award and ThinkLA IDEA Award, and she has two ad patents for her work at Amazon. Lisa has a BA from the University of Washington where she was a double major in English and minor in Art History.
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