Monthly Top 5: Going Native

Valerie Nozick, Sr. Product Manager
October 7, 2015

As most of us in the digital world know, one of the biggest growth areas in the last year has been around native advertising. That said, native ads are not new. Newspapers have advertorials; TV and film have product placement. For digital, we as marketers are at a turning point; display advertising is effective, but there are other ways to reach users in ways that provide value to users in context within the publishing environment.

Native advertising implies a different relationship between marketer, publisher and user. The most effective native campaigns complement the user’s experience, providing entertainment or valuable information for shopping. Instead of looking to stand out, native advertising blends in, creating a symbiotic bond between marketing and publishing.

Here are a few things to be thinking about for your native campaigns:


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Picture of Valerie Nozick, Sr. Product Manager
Valerie Nozick
Sr. Product Manager
As Senior Product Manager for Mobile and Native Advertising at Expedia Group Media Solutions, Valerie is responsible for the creation and development of new ad products in Expedia’s mobile web and app environments. Valerie has more than 10 years of experience driving product strategy for travel and media companies. Prior to joining Expedia, Valerie led the creation of multi-screen products for Microsoft Advertising. She also has editorial experience working for NPR and Tribune Interactive.
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