From Generation Z to Baby Boomers: New Study Unveils European Multi-Generational Digital Travel Trends

Posted by Andrew van der Feltz, Senior Director, EMEA & APAC on 5/17/17 6:05 AM
Andrew van der Feltz, Senior Director, EMEA & APAC
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Europeans are known as frequent travelers, so not surprisingly they average 3.7 trips per year – but did you know the generation that takes the most trips is Millennials? That is one of many findings in a new study “Multi-Generational Travel Trends” that we released today, which explores the motivations and mindset of British, French and German travelers across Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomer generations as they research, plan and book trips online.

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When it comes to travel shopping and booking, there are similarities and trends among all generations, but there are also quite a few differences. For us in travel marketing, it’s important to understand what these are so we know how to best reach each generation.

Let’s look at some of the key takeaways for each generation. To download the full study, please visit: <>

Generation Z Travelers: Open-Minded, Mobile and Influenced by Advertising

As one of the most budget-conscious generations in Europe, Gen Z is more likely to start the research and planning process without a set destination in mind, rely on their smartphones when looking for travel inspiration and have an all-or-nothing approach to travel activities.

How do you reach them? More than half of Gen Z travelers (53%) said ads with appealing deals or imagery can influence their decision-making process, so marketers looking to inspire and convert these travelers must implement a visually-compelling and integrated cross-device marketing strategy.

Millennial Travelers: Frequent, Deal-Driven Explorers

Millennials travel more frequently than other generations and while nearly 90 percent say they look for the best deals, they have a broad range of interests, focusing on exploring the outdoors, cultural experiences, family play trips and romantic getaways.

How do you reach them? Travel marketers can highlight local culture, experiences and cuisine, as well as discounts and deals, when targeting Millennials.

Generation X Travelers: Family-oriented, Affinity for Outdoor Activities 

Gen X are family-oriented and more likely than other generations to use reviews and informative content from brands while researching and booking a trip. While less Gen X travelers say that budget is a primary factor than younger generations, they still prioritize deals and look for value.

How do you reach them? Feeling like they’re getting the most bang for their buck may be key to converting Gen X travelers, so marketers should consider highlighting value-driven messaging and informative reviews to influence this generation during the purchase journey.

Boomer Travellers: Review Readers, OTA Aficionados

While Boomers are more likely than other generations to know where they want to go and how they’re going to book when they decide to take a trip, they still seek help and inspiration during the planning and booking process.

How do you reach them? Given that fewer Boomers said budget was a primary factor when planning their last trip, marketers looking to inspire and engage Boomers should focus on informative content like reviews and local activities in advertising, with less emphasis on deals.

For more multi-generational findings and insights on reaching, engaging and converting European travelers, and to view the full study, please visit: <>

We will be releasing new findings on generational travel trends for other parts of the world over the coming months, so make sure you subscribe to our blog to get the latest.

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