Our Top 5 Takeaways for DMOs from DMAI 2016

Jason Rubenstein, Director, NA
August 11, 2016

What an incredible week! Last week at DMAI 2016, I had the opportunity to attend sessions, chat with industry experts, and hear from marketing leaders. From numerous presentations, conversations and observations, I wanted to share my top 5 key takeaways for DMOs from the event.


1. The Revolution of Video Content 

In 2017, it’s estimated that 74 percent of all internet traffic will be video, so it is critical for DMOs to have compelling video content online. During a panel presentation, Kelly Frailey Covato of Facebook said smaller DMOs do not have to reinvent the wheel. By shortening TV content or repurposing other images or assets, videos can be created with small budgets in a short amount of time.

 2. Sequential Messaging 

As we know from our Path to Purchase research, today’s traveler’s booking path is anything but linear. Accordingly, brands can keep their message top-of-mind through sequential messaging. For example, after a user has engaged with an advertisement, their next targeted creative could reference that point in their consumer journey. Brand USA recently produced three different videos with display based on the targeting segment of each unique user, which led to a 6x increase in completion rate.

 3. The Future of Reality is Virtual and Augmented 

Virtual and augmented reality is incredibly popular among consumers, in addition to the media and entertainment space. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority showcased 24 different videos at recent events including IPW and SXSW, with a 46 percent video completion rate. Additionally, the VR and AR videos they produced garnered 2x more shares than their standard content. While VR and AR can be more expensive to produce, many smaller DMOs are getting creative through split-screen technology and choose-your-own-adventure style games.

 4. Consistent Measurement = Success 

While new technologies that are ground-breaking and fresh appear to be top of mind for many DMOs as they think about new marketing techniques, measurement has never been more important to evaluate their success. The core measurements of a campaign should remain consistent, and include:

  • Reach – How many people have received your message? How many times?
  • Resonance – How have brand perceptions changed as a result of media exposure?
  • Reaction – How have sales or engagement increased as a result of the campaign?

 5. Change is Constant

With new innovations and trends in the technology space appear every day that how we engage with our customers, the one constant is change, and that was a hot topic at DMAI as industry leaders and panelists presented new research and findings that are constantly showing change from previous years. As consumer behavior changes – and will consistently change year-over-year –  we as marketers need to be able to adapt, and adapt quickly, to ensure our messages are resonating in the right place, at the right time and to the right audience.

Do you have any other key takeaways to add? Send us a note on Twitter or LinkedIn with the hashtag #DMAI16. We’ll see you next year at the show!

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Jason Rubenstein
Director, NA
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