Three Ways to Leverage Expedia’s Exclusive First Party Data to Reach Shoppers Across the Web

   Christine Walker Scarce, Head of Product Marketing Posted on 2/15/17 11:10 AM

It is important to influence and keep your brand top of mind when reaching consumers as they browse the web – which can be challenging, considering how much content people are consuming online these days. For instance, our recent study on the Traveler’s Path to Purchase with comScore indicates that American, British and Canadian travelers make more than 120 to 160 visits to travel sites prior to booking a trip. Add on top of that all the other types of websites consumers are visiting. For example, the average American visits 140 travel sites and 290 total sites, so that includes another 150 visits to non-travel sites. This showcases the huge opportunity for brands to continue engage with travel shoppers throughout the consumer journey, reaching them wherever they are online.

ComScore data P2P PA-1.jpg

Source: comScore data, 2016

One way we help marketing partners do this is through our audience extension solution. Our proprietary first-party Expedia group data includes billions of data points on shoppers, including search behaviors like destinations researched, activity interests, traveling with children, etc. With those traveler behaviors, we create audience segments that represent those traveler intentions through leveraging look-alike modeling technology, which finds other online consumers that elicit the same behaviors and intentions. Not to be confused with retargeting, these audience segments have not necessarily visited Expedia group’s sites or been exposed to our partners travel brands. In a nut shell, our exclusive first-party travel intent data powers effective audience targeting, enabling advertisers to reach relevant travel shoppers wherever they browse and shop on the internet.

Here are three key takeaways for marketers when thinking about utilizing an audience extension solution.

  • Leverage a full funnel campaign strategy. While advertisers often focus on driving conversion, it’s also critical to fill the consumer funnel by creating brand awareness and consumer interest. For instance, Korean Air partnered with us to increase bookings from the U.S., and chose to include PassportAds, our audience extension product, to specifically expand their reach beyond the traditional campaigns they had been running. Korean Air was able to reach shoppers interested in using the air carrier outside of the Expedia sites, and audience extension enabled Korean Air to engage and stay top of mind with shoppers as they continued through their web browsing journey outside of You can read more on the case study, here. 
  • Consistency is the key. It’s all about reaching the right audience at the right time. With this in mind, it’s important to ensure that you have consistent messaging across campaign efforts to increase message retention and effectiveness. As marketers, we have all heard that messaging is most effective on the audience when it is repeated and the same is true for advertising. For a shopper online, seeing the same message in an advertisement while you are shopping around the Internet serves as a reminder of your interest or intent and keeps it top of mind.
  • Optimize as you go. While it’s important to enter into marketing efforts with specified campaign goals, it’s wise to keep constraints around targeting, creative implementation, and set-up relatively broad. This allows for more flexibility around optimizations. After all, you may find that a different audience resonates more with your messaging than you anticipated. By building in flexibility, you have the opportunity to go after that audience and maximize your results. We work with our partners to monitor results throughout a campaign are able to optimize the campaign to reach the partner’s specific goals.

Check out more information on Passport Ads here, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest case studies and new research and best practices.

Topics: Audience, Consumer Research

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