From Emerging Technologies to Tapping into the Chinese Market: What We Learned at The Phocuswright Conference

The travel industry's top leaders and influencers recently descended on Hollywood, Fla. for the 2017 Phocuswright Conference. We were on hand to present our latest research and hear firsthand from key industry executives what they see could be the next big thing in travel.

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Australian Gen Z Travelers Seek Outdoor Exploration and Good Travel Deals

Australians are the most deal-driven travelers within Asia-Pacific, but given that they travel the most and are more likely to travel abroad, they invest in travel and are likely looking to get the most bang for their buck. According to our new study with Northstar Research Partners, Australian travelers prioritize activities, deals and low prices, once in a lifetime or “bucket list” trips and cultural experiences, and approximately 48 percent plan and book their trip via an online travel agency (OTA).

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Vacation-deprived Japanese Travelers Enjoy Staycations and Sightseeing, and are Open to Destination Inspiration

New generational insights from our study with Northstar Research Partners show that Japanese travelers may be vacation deprived, as they are traveling significantly less than other Asia-Pacific countries. However, when they do travel, they prefer sightseeing trips and staycations, and enjoy culture and relaxation – perhaps on the beach or at the spa. They prioritize their food experience, the lowest price, activities, accommodations and transportation, and rely on search engines and online travel agencies (OTAs) to plan and book their trip. 

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Research Shows Chinese Travelers are Deal-Driven Explorers who Plan Travel around Food

We previously shared an inside look at Canadian and American travelers from our study with Northstar Research Partners, looking across generations from Gen Z to Baby Boomers to identify their unique behaviors and preferences when shopping for and booking travel. Today on the stage at The Phocuswright Conference, I shared generational insights on three new countries, China, Japan and Australia – download the presentation and full research here.

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Compare and Contrast: British Boomers, Chinese Millennials and American Generation X-ers

New research reveals generational trends from four distinct age groups – Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers – in three of the biggest travel markets in the world – US, UK and China.

The research was discussed in a webinar with tnooz and Expedia Media Solutions which took place earlier this month.

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   Expedia Media Solutions Posted on 10/30/17 10:03 AM



Topics: Consumer Research

Canadian Gen Z & Millennial Travellers Go Abroad for Outdoor Exploration and Bucket List Experiences

Value is of the utmost importance to Canadian travellers, and deals help guide their decision-making process. More than 90 percent said they look for deals before making a decision, and more than 50 percent said ads can be influential in their planning process. The findings, from a survey we conducted with Northstar Research Partners, showcase broad travel trends in the Canadian market, including the motivations, preferences and attitudes of travellers across four generations: Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers.

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American Millennial Travelers are Relaxed, Romantic and Embrace #YOLO

Millennial travelers in the U.S. embrace the ‘you only live once’ (#YOLO) mentality, take risks, and focus on crossing things off their bucket list, while Gen X prefer relaxing trips and visiting family. The findings, from a survey we conducted with Northstar Research Partners, illustrate the distinct shopping habits, influences and motivations of travelers across four generations, including Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers. 

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New Research: The Habits and Behaviors of U.S. and Canadian Travelers

Travelers from around the world demonstrate nuances when it comes to how they travel, from shopping for and booking a trip, to their preferences on what types of vacations they prefer. A new study from Expedia Media Solutions looked at key differences in habits and behaviors between American travelers and Canadian travelers.

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   Expedia Media Solutions Posted on 9/21/17 8:28 AM



Topics: Consumer Research

New Study Reveals Differences in Travel Trends of Chinese, Japanese, and Australians

Travellers in the Asia Pacific region represent a dynamic sector of the travel industry—especially considering all the diversity the region has to offer. Our latest research captures some of these opportunities and sheds light into travel trends within three countries in this complex region: China, Australia, and Japan. Whether you’re an expert or looking to learn more, our study, Travel Habits, Behaviors, and Influencers of Chinese, Japanese, and Australian Travellers, is sure to help you better understand this complex audience.

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   Gianluca Armando, Director, APAC Posted on 8/17/17 1:58 PM



Topics: Consumer Research, Asia Pacific

That’s A Wrap! Destinations International 2017: Our Highlights from This Year’s Convention

While this year’s convention represented a collection of key influencers and thought leaders from destinations worldwide, it was especially unique for three reasons: DMAI has now rebranded to Destinations International, the Culture of Learning, and it was the first time we hosted an Insights Forum at this annual event.

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