Monthly Top 5: Travel Digital Media Optimizations

Jason Rubenstein, Director, NA
August 23, 2016

With digital marketing spanning multiple channels, platforms, technologies, pricing models, and more, it’s always a best practice to ensure your optimizing these channels to meet and exceed your marketing goals. A challenge amongst advertisers is that with all of these channels and platforms, the influx of data and reporting can be overwhelming. Additionally, it can be difficult to identify the specific actionable insight from that data.

When thinking about the efforts involved in launching a campaign – determining goals, product, design, targeting, etc. – we can often overlook that the real work begins once the campaign has launched. Here are five simple optimizations that may enhance the performance of your campaigns:


We center ourselves around a Test and Learn philosophy using data to inform everything we do. Whether we’re testing our site in new global markets or optimizing our own campaigns, the analysis is essential. Learn more best practices from myself and our team of subject matter experts at Expedia Media Solutions here.

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Picture of Jason Rubenstein, Director, NA
Jason Rubenstein
Director, NA
Jason Rubenstein is a director for North America at Expedia Media Solutions, where he leads the US agency relations team responsible for creating and delivering digital advertising campaigns across all industry verticals. Jason brings more than 10 years of marketing and advertising experience across entertainment, CPG, financial services and travel industries. Prior to joining Expedia Media Solutions, Jason worked at Amazon Media Group, Xbox Advertising, and Garrigan Lyman Group. He started his career with the Seattle Sonics and currently resides in Seattle.
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