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Picture of Roaming Gnome
Roaming Gnome
The Roaming Gnome is the head gnomad for Travelocity, overseeing all wandering and adventure (official and unofficial). As a travel expert with nearly 15 years of experience, The Roaming Gnome is a strong advocate for traveling worry-free, planning for the unexpected and being in the moment. Whether sampling cuisines from far-off lands, sailing across the seas or befriending locals everywhere, The Roaming Gnome is the wisest wanderer and loves to share his discoveries with the world.

Traveling has taken me all over the world, and it’s taught me many valuable lessons—like how to craft a compelling story from a Gnome’s eye point of view. With this perspective, I decided to venture to the Lone Star state to see if everything really is bigger in Texas. I teamed up with Thrifty Car ...

Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome Drives an Innovative Campaign with Thrifty Car Rental

As the wisest traveler of them all, I’ve picked up quite a few skills on my adventures — including how to tell an incredible story. There’s a lot you can see from a Gnome’s-eye-view, and it’s this perspective that keeps my fans captivated with each and every journey. Although I started in the ...

The Travelocity Gnome Inspires Portland Travel Through Social Media


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